Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A diabetes diet is simply a healthy eating plan that is high in nutrients, low in bad fat and moderate in calories. It is a healthy diet for anyone!
The only difference is the need to pay more attention to some of the food choices most notably the carbohydrates eaten. Eating right is vital when trying to prevent or control diabetes.

While exercise is also important, what is eaten has the biggest impact when it comes to weight loss. Its important to note that nutritional needs are virtually the same for everyone else as for PWDs, no special foods or complicated diets are necessary.

Speaking of carbohydrates being part of the notable choice we eat; Carbohydrates have a big impact on blood sugar levels more than fats and protein but its not always necessary to avoid them. Its always good to be smart about what type of carbohydrate taken.

 It is best to limit highly refined carbohydrates like white bread, rice, snack foods, carbonated drinks, candy e.t.c; focusing on high-fibre complex carbohydrates (also known as slow-release carbohydrates) instead.

Slow-release carbohydrates help keep blood sugar levels even because they are digested more slowly, thus preventing the body from producing too much insulin.
They also provide lasting energy and help stay full longer.


1. Instead of of highly refined carbohydrates, try these high-fibre options:
 Non-starchy vegetables, beans and fruits such as apple,pears, peaches, berries, bananas, mangoes e.t.c. Grains in the least processed state possible such as brown rice, white barley, millet, wheat berries e.t.c

2. Limit concentrated sweets – including high calorie foods with a low glycemic index, such as ice cream.  Reduce fruit juice to no more than one cup a day.
Avoid sugar sweetened drinks.

3. Eat a healthful type of protein at most meals such as beans, fish, skinless chicken e.t.c.

4. Choose foods with healthy fats such as olive-oil, nuts (almond, walnuts and avocados).
Limit saturated fats from dairy and other animal products like cheese, yoghurt etc. 

5. Completely avoid partially hydrogenated fats (Trans-fat), which are usually found in fast foods and many packaged foods.

6. Have complete three meals a day (do not skip breakfast).

7. Eat slowly and stop when full. Having Diabetes does not mean eliminating sugar. If you have diabetes, you can still enjoy a small serving of your favourite dessert now and then. 
The key to it is MODERATION.

But maybe you have a sweet tooth and the thought of cutting back on sweets sounds almost as bad as cutting them out together.
The good news about diet is that cravings do go away. The more your habits become healthier, the more the food you seem to love becomes too rich or too sweet and you may find yourself craving healthier options instead.

This Article is written by Damilola Shobiye a Student of Nutrition and Dietetics from Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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  4. Please advice, I am 42 years old, I do not know if I have diabetes. I am just losing weight, I have been to the hospital but done so many test but doctors can't tell me much.

    My last FBS was 5.5 before meal and 6.5 after two hours (after meal).

    your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Anonymous. I have gestational diabetes and my advice is on the basis of my experience. Here in Scotland (UK) anything above a 5.0 before meal and/or 7.0 after meal is considered to be diabetic. I will advice you consult your GP.

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